the truth about daniel lovegrove:

by Nichole Lynn Malko on Monday, September 5, 2011 at 10:26pm �

i have had this saved in my drafts since august 14th. i dont think its perfect, but its the best i can do . there are certain things I want to express in order to honor my friend Daniel lovegrove. incase you weren't sure, he is pretty much the best friend you could have , even when he was an asshole ( PS, he was only an asshole to people who he challenged, and chances are you thought he was an asshole because you knew he was right with all of his being...and it put you to shame.)

a) Daniel is the best at everything, because lesser than the best was not allowed.

b) he loved his family..his mom, and tom more than anyone ever.

c) his girlfriend Jenn...was his heart. anything he did was to inspire , protect, embrace, or encourage her. they are peas and carrots.

d) he was loyal : Daniel might disagree with your opinion one day, but if you needed him , he was there. no questions and in light speed...he was a super hero.

e) Daniel was fun: not one could contribute to a board game the way that Daniel did. he was always vivacious, and captivating.

f) is for fettucini Alfredo ..left over style. this one of the first thing Daniel told me

he loved... crusty crunchy gross left over pasta.

g) Daniels dry sarcasm...if you didn't get it you really missed out.

h) Daniel was completely selfless... his selflessness was demonstrated on a regular basis. he would actually give the shirt off his back to someone in need. he was always there for his family ( Daniel loved his mom too much for words ) and took his dad Toms last name after their incredible bond .

his love and compassion was unfortunately what lead us to our "see you soon" to him, but just know that he will always have all of our backs, until we meet him again.

Daniel is one of the most upstanding men I know, and I refuse to use past tense for that statement...because that statement will never change.

by Jessi Lynn on Sunday, August 14, 2011 at 9:05am �

It's days like this where I wish to wake up again and have this all just be a terrible dream. A nightmare. A figment of my imagination. A cruel, cruel joke.

�But I know it's not and that's what makes it hard.

�I fondly reflect on all the good time we've shared today. As of this morning, all the arguments and fighting and negative thoughts are gone and forgotten. You were an amazing person, I will never forget the way you listened to me when I was the most upset, and always had a kind piece of advice for any situation. Everything you taught me, I'll remember for the rest of my time.�

I'll miss your sarcastic humour and the way I could go from wanting to strangle you to laughing at your witty one liners in less than a minute. I'll miss the funny things you do, just to make other people laugh. I'm sad the day never came where we could have a legal drink together, because I truly do miss our poker nights at the apartment, or our adventures out to the school fields.

�I'll make sure those blue and yellow monkeys stay up in those trees for you.

�Today I'm praying to a god we don't believe in, just hoping it would bring you back to those who love you. My heart goes out to everyone close to you, who I know miss you like you'll never believe.

Dear Daniel.

by Jessi Lynn on Thursday, August 18, 2011 at 10:13pm �

Today I got to see you for the last time. I touched your skin and admired the tattoos you put so much effort into making beautiful. You were always so proud, it really inspired me to get a move on getting all of mine done. To see all your friends and family together, even with tears in their eyes really goes to show how much of an impact you made on each and every single one of us. I remember the good, and regret the bad but after today I can finally realize you are at peace. No matter what grudges you had, they are gone. Any bad feelings anyone had towards you are completely dissolved. You spoke your mind, which other people can't stand - but I know you never cared what they thought.�

�When I saw that the bracelet I made you was still on you - and will be forever - I lost it. I never told you that I made three before I made that one perfect. I was so afraid that it wouldn't be good enough. I was so afraid that I was never good enough. You never made me feel like less than a friend but I still stressed and fussed because I really did idolize how everyone gravitated towards you, I was always jealous of the bonds you had with other people

I'll never, ever forget you. You made a mark on my heart, so today I made it permenent and evident by breaking two of my tatty rules: to keep them all on the same arm, and not go below where a 3/4 sleeve shirt could cover it

Good luck world, on ever making me cover this shit up.

I love you Danral, you'll live on forever in the hearts of your friends, your family and everyone you've come into contact with. Team Delta forever.

- Jessi Wall

Dear Daniel Part II

by Jessi Lynn on Friday, August 26, 2011 at 1:34pm �

So it's been almost two weeks now and I've gone through the stages of grief so many times now I don't know that I can go through them any more. For the past couple days I've been reflecting on what's happened, our friendship throughout the past couple years and what lessons I'd like to take from all of this. I've come up with a few, and just wanted to share with everyone.

�1. First and foremost, I've learned to never, ever take for granted a friendship under the guise that it will be there forever. So many times I've passed up opportunities to hang out and spend time with people, to sit by myself and do nothing, because I think to myself, 'Next time I will.' The sad truth is that often times that next time comes and I'll pass it up again. Despite many people telling me not to, I have spent a great deal of time mulling over all the time I wasted not spending time with you when I could have. But had I not obsessed over this, I wouldn't have come to some of the conclusions that I did. So, thanks.�

2. Be passionate. Always, always be passionate about what you love/want. Even though the first person you talked to through Sbux told you there was probably no chance of getting tattoo acceptance, you pushed on. You didn't let that stop you, you persisted, no matter how many phone calls it took.�

I was never in school with you, but from what I've heard you always spoke up. You weren't just in it for the ride, you honestly wanted to be there and wanted to learn, and sometimes that means asking questions and challenging the views of others. I may not have been there to witness it, but I know that you were full of conviction - especially when it came to intelliect.�

�3. Kind of a spin-off frm #2, but never be afraid to be yourself, despite what others are going to think. While I'm no stranger to being different (Lime green hair? Thick, terrible eye makeup anyone? Oh the good ol' days.), I was always quiet about it. I'm sure no one would have looked at you, with your tattoos and ear gauges and thought to themselves, 'I bet that kid LOVES Taylor Swift', but that never stopped you from letting us all know. You were never secret in your beliefs, even to those who you knew held different ones. Even though you knew you'd have to cover them, you went out and got beautiful tattoos and showed them off with pride, damning all those who told you to roll your sleeves down.�

�There's so many others I've thought about over the past week, but these three stood out in my mind as ones that everyone could take from you.�

Thanks for continuing to teach me lessons even though you're �not here. I wish it didn't take something like this to get me to sit down and think about it, but if it had to be anyone to shock some sense into me.. it makes sense it would be you.

�- Jessi